November 2022: Paystubs and Pay Statements, Winter Safety Tips, and Influenza Information

Posted on Nov 15, 2022

Paystubs and Pay Statements

Hello from the payroll desk! HHF pays its employees on a bi-weekly basis through direct deposit. Using the Dayforce web application, your current and past earning statements are available for you at your fingertips on the earnings screen and selecting the earnings stub you want. Did you know your earning statement appears in the same format as a traditional printed pay stub? You can print your earning statement using the print button. Using the arrow buttons on the fly out page you can easily navigate to past statements. Some basic items you will find on your earning statements are regular hours, stat pay, premium pay, and vacation pay.  You will also see items such as tax deductions, benefit deductions (if applicable) and net pay. Click here for a sample view of a pay statement.

You also have access to your earnings statement through the Dayforce App. The mobile earnings preview is for your convenience as a quick preview of your earnings. It is not meant to replace the web browser version of our earnings statement. Either way, employees have quick, easy options to view their bi-weekly earnings at their convenience.


Winter Safety Tips

Snow. Warm weather. Freezing weather. Repeat.

It’s icy out there! Here are some ways you can make it through the winter safely:

When walking outdoors in icy conditions:

  • Wear anti slip winter appropriate footwear or traction aids
  • Check your pathway for slippery patches and avoid them or tread slowly and carefully
  • Plan your route: find the nearest cleared pathways to minimize walking on parking lots
  • Be extra careful when walking after ice has thawed then frozen again as this creates black ice that is hard to see and especially slippery

Other safety considerations for staying safe in a northern winter:

  • Winter is a busy season for fires in Alberta. That's why it's important to be mindful of fire prevention and safety. Make sure you have working smoke alarms, don't leave burning candles unattended and if a pot catches fire while cooking, put a lid on it.
  • To prepare for loss of power or heat, put together a family emergency kit that includes some basic emergency kit items such as a flashlight, battery-operated radio, food, water, and blankets. Try and make sure these items are easy to find and for emergency situations.
  • To prepare for issues while on the road, keep an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes a blanket, some food items and water, a shovel, gloves, and a cell phone charger.
  • Check weather reports: When severe winter weather is forecasted, Environment Canada issues special alerts to notify Canadians in affected areas so that they can take steps to protect themselves and their property. Try and avoid travel during extreme weather warning when possible or exercise extreme caution if travel is necessary during this time.

Winter may be cold, but it doesn't have to be dangerous: Stay warm and safe and enjoy your winter, inside and out!


Influenza Information

With so many things happening daily like work, getting kids to extra-curricular activities, planning for the holidays, and taking care of parents, it’s also important to take care of yourself. We make a priority to prepare our house and vehicles for the winter months but more importantly, we also need to take time to protect ourselves and our families from influenza – more commonly referred to as the flu.

In the links below you will find some key information on the flu as well as find information from Alberta Health Services on the flu vaccine.

Additional resources can be found at

Videos on influenza:


The 2022/23 Influenza Immunization Program is now on. Individuals can book their immunization online, as well as walk-ins at many pharmacies or at their physician’s office.