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Fir Street Development

Project Overview

In October 2022, Strathcona County awarded Heartland Housing Foundation the parcel of land known as the former Clover Bar Lodge site on Fir Street. The intended use of the land, per the County's Expression of Interest, is to continue providing intergenerational near-market housing options for the community. In order to actualize this vision, the site required rezoning from its current use of Public Services (PS) to a Direct Control (DC) district.

The Land Use Amendment application was submitted to Strathcona County on October 6th, 2023 and was approved April 9th, 2024.


Public Statement Regarding Rezoning Approval and Next Steps

"After having been awarded the Fir Street land through the County’s Expression of Interest process in 2022, we are very pleased to be able to advance this project to its next phase with the successful rezoning of the parcel.

Throughout our robust public engagement process and into the public hearing session for the rezoning, we heard from our neighbours about their vision for this development. We also completed a housing needs assessment that painted a picture of middle and lower-middle income earners in the County being left behind in terms of attaining housing.

Our aim with Fir Street is to strike a balance between the community’s housing needs and the neighbourhood’s quality and character. Over the coming weeks and months, we will work closely with our architects to examine ways to increase property setbacks from nearby homes. We are also awaiting a municipal tree assessment to better understand the health and durability of the existing trees on the land parcel, and to inform our greenspaces planning for the development.

We’d like to thank all the members of the community who shared their thoughts and feelings throughout our engagement, and we look forward to demonstrating our commitment to building a vibrant space that generations of Sherwood Park community members can proudly call home."



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