I've Applied for Housing

Our priority is to provide safe and affordable homes to the residents of Strathcona County and the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Heartland Housing Foundation is the only affordable housing provider in our region. We receive many applications every month and do our best to ensure we process them quickly and efficiently. 

Seniors Lodges

Our lodge wait-lists are based on several criteria used to determine an applicant's need. These criteria include:

  • Risk (health and safety related)
  • Degree of independence
  • Housing needs
  • If the applicant is moving from a current Heartland building
  • If the applicant lives in the community or is moving to be closer to family
  • Income
    • this is based on the Lodge Assistance Program Income threshold and whether the applicant is eligible to receive Alberta Seniors Benefit. 

The wait-list is the list of all applicant households in decreasing order, from highest priority (point score) to lowest priority (point score). The wait-list can change as a household's situation changes or additional applicants join the list. Because the wait-list is always shifting, we cannot advise applicants how long they will wait for housing.

Seniors Affordable Apartments (Rent-Geared-to-Income)

The wait-list for our seniors affordable apartments is based mainly off the income level of the applicant. To qualify the applicant must fit the following criteria, and is then rated based on how high a percentage of their monthly income is currently going towards their rent. 

Near-Market Apartments 

Eligible applications for our near-market housing is chronological.

Next Steps:

If you have submitted your application to the site of your choice, your next step would be to call that building to schedule an interview. A list of facility contacts can be found here.

If any of the following information has changed since you submitted your application, please contact the site you are applying to to update your application:

  • Income
  • Living situation
  • Address
  • Degree of independence