About Us

Heartland Housing Foundation is a not-for-profit housing management body that provides affordable and near-market housing for over 900 residents of Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan. Heartland Housing Foundation currently operates 12 affordable and near-market housing sites, including 4 seniors lodges, 6 seniors-only apartment buildings, and 2 all-ages apartment buildings.

Heartland Housing Foundation actively advocates for expanded access to affordable housing in the region, and is a member of several national, provincial, and regional affordable housing associations and working groups.


Heartland Housing Foundation At a Glance

Heartland Housing Foundation is the Housing Management Body (HMB) that serves Strathcona County & Fort Saskatchewan.

Our Property Types & Services

We operate:

  • Apartments (65+ only or All-Ages)
    • Independent living, no meals or recreation services
  • Lodges (65+)
    • Independent living with meals, recreation, 24-hour staff, housekeeping
    • No medical care provided, homecare can assist with personal care services

We administrate:

Our Rent Structures

Near Market: rent is fixed at 15-30% below median market rental rates

Affordable (RGI) Housing: rent is set at 30% of tenant's income. In the lodges, the shelter cost is set at 30% of a resident's income and the lodge service fees are fixed. 

Our Funding (Operating & Capital Maintenance)

Near Market Lodge & Apartments: 

  • Self sustaining based on rents. No operating or maintenance subsidies received.

Seniors Affordable (RGI) Apartments: 

  • Operating shortfalls (after rents) and capital improvements are subsidized by the Government of Alberta.

Affordable Lodges: 

  • Operating shortfalls (after rents) and capital improvements are funded by a partnership between the Government of Alberta and the Municipality.