About Us

Heartland Housing Foundation is a not-for-profit housing management body that provides affordable housing for over 600 residents of Strathcona County and neighboring Fort Saskatchewan. Heartland Housing Foundation currently operates 11 affordable housing sites, including 4 seniors lodges and 6 seniors-only affordable apartment buildings. Heartland Housing Foundation actively advocates for expanded access to affordable housing in the region, and is a member of several national, provincial and regional affordable housing associations and working groups.


Our Vision

We are leaders in shaping innovative affordable housing.


Our Mission

Supporting vibrant communities through affordable housing solutions.


Our Values

Leadership & Collaboration 

We do our best work through a rich and deep network of partners. We use our experience and expertise to lead our partners and our community.

Quality of Service 

We provide our residents with the very best housing and support solutions possible.

Respect, Enthusiasm, & Pride

We recognize all team members as key and equal contributors to achieving our Mission and Vision.


We increase our impact by seeking opportunities for development, innovation, and creativity.


We uphold the highest standards of financial, ethical, and operational integrity.


We integrate financial, social, and environmental impacts in all decision-making and planning.