December 2021 - Applying for Internal Positions, Hazard Reporting, and 2022 Tax Forms

Posted on Dec 15, 2021

How to Apply for Internal Positions

Interested in growth and development? Maybe more hours or a change in schedule?

If you are interested in applying for any open position, first speak with your manager about the opportunity and they will get you an internal application form to complete. The internal application helps the interview panel assess how the skills and knowledge gained from working in your current role will apply to the new growth and development opportunity you might be seeking. A completed internal application form goes directly to the interview panel for review. Using an external recruitment platform such as Indeed may limit visibility of your resume to the interview panel.


How to Report a Hazard

Did you know that you conduct hazard assessments and controls every day?

Things like wearing appropriate winter attire when you shovel snow or use a screwdriver to tighten a screw and not a butter knife or use a ladder instead of an office chair to reach the top shelf are all was that you assess a hazard and take necessary steps to control them. So, every time you observe and address an unsafe act or condition at home or at work, you are taking steps that will help to protect yourself and others, and we love that! Not only do we love that, but Alberta workers have a general obligation to report any hazards they see while working, and Alberta employers have an obligation to address hazards at their sites.

If you see an act or a condition that you consider unsafe at work, please try and control the hazard best you can then report it to your supervisor or manager using the hazard report forms located in the staff room. Thanks, and have a safe and healthy winter season.


2022 Tax Forms

Let's talk about TAXES. Each year the government (federal and provincial) release an updated tax form showing the current basic personal amount. For 2022, the Federal Basic amount is $14,398 and the Alberta Basic amount is $19,369. If you claimed an amount that is not the basic personal amount, your situation has changed, or you want to update your tax forms, you will need to fill out a new 2022 Alberta and Federal Tax form. You can request these from you manager and once completed, hand it back to your manager who will forward them to payroll for updating. Alternatively, you can update your tax forms directly on Dayforce, by logging in and selecting forms tab under the profile option and you will find them listed as Tax Forms.

Dayforce will provide the updated 2022 tax forms on or before Jan 1, 2022, for employees to complete. If you have only claimed the basic personal amount and would like that to continue for 2022 year, no action is required.