April 2024: Statutory Holidays, Celebrating Happiness, and Using Sunlife.ca to Update Your Beneficiary Information Easily

Posted on Apr 17, 2024

Statutory Holidays

In Canada we have both federal and provincial observed holidays. A statutory holiday (also known as "stats" or "general" or "public" holiday) in Canada is legislated either through the federal government or a provincial or territorial government.  For example, Good Friday is a public holiday at a national level in Canada. Optional holidays are commonly observed but not legally mandated. Alberta has a few optional holidays and Easter Monday is one of those that Heartland Housing Foundation has chosen to observe.  Those who qualify and work on a stat will be paid as such.  Heartland Housing Foundation (HHF) recognizes the following thirteen (13) general holidays: New Year’s Day, Alberta Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Heritage Day, Labour Day, Day of Truth and Reconciliation, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day. 


Celebrating Happiness

Did you know it was International Day of Happiness March 20th? Though the date has passed, in a world characterized by challenges and uncertainties, it’s important to celebrate and practice happiness as a personal goal. It encourages individuals to prioritize mental health, foster positive relationships, and contribute to the greater good.

How You Can Celebrate Happiness

Practice mindfulness and self-care - Dedicate time to self-reflection and mindfulness, such as meditation, deep-breathing, and self-care that makes you feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and happy.

Express gratitude – Be generous with gratitude, it is contagious. Take a moment to personally thank those who bring positivity into your life. A heartful “thank you” can create a positive butterfly effect.

Offer a listening ear - Take time to listen actively to someone who needs to share their thoughts and feelings without judgement. Being there with empathy and understanding can make a difference.

Engage in acts of kindness – Always be a little kinder than necessary. Surprise someone with a random act of kindness and compassion. It could be as simple as a kind note, a smile, or offering help to someone in need.

Share a smile – If you see someone without a smile, give them yours. The simple act of smiling not only makes us feel good, but it may spread happiness to others who may have needed a positive gesture to turn their day around. 

Gratitude Journal
People who practice gratitude are more optimistic, more likely to achieve their goals, and happier overall. Download this e-journal, and you'll have a handy electronic file in which to document and save all the things for which you are grateful—whether it's a good meal, a piece of music, your work, your health, a child's smile, or the beautiful tree outside your window.
You'll find inspirational quotes on every page to motivate you. Try to write a few words in your journal every day, so that practicing gratitude becomes a habit -- one that will make you feel better and better.



Adding and Reviewing Beneficiary Information on Sunlife.ca

Sunlife has made it easier for you to name a beneficiary for your group life benefits. You can log into mysunlife.ca and use their new online beneficiary feature. 

It’s a good idea to regularly review and update your beneficiary designations. Pick a date you’ll easily remember - maybe a birthday or anniversary. 
- This will help to protect your family if you pass away. 
- It will also help us to pay your beneficiaries, as you had intended.
- You can sign in today to make the updates now

Click here for a 1-page instruction page on how to easily update your beneficiaries online through the SunLife website.