March 2024: Updating Your Information with LAPP/RRSP, Springing Forward Safely (Managing Time Changes), Professional Development Supports, and Recruitment Updates

Posted on Mar 20, 2024

Keeping your LAPP or RRSP Info Up to Date

Have you checked in on your RRSP or LAPP lately?  It’s a good idea to make sure your address and contact/personal info are up to date. Those who are currently signed up for and contributing to RRSP's with Heartland Housing Foundation can call our representative, Dasa Bocsikova (contact info below) who can answer any questions and review with you your details to ensure that all information is correct.

Capital Planning
780-463-6128 (main)

Those who are on our Pension program with the Local Authority Pension Plan can set up an account online to have access to update your information and see how your contributions are working for you. Go to to set up your account today! 

Daylight Saving Time: How to Spring Forward Safely         

On March 10th our clocks turned one hour ahead. While this change will bring us brighter evenings, the extra hour of daylight can also come at a loss: one hour of sleep to be exact. This change can introduce risks, including lost sleep, tired workers, and an increased chance of injuries.

It can take a while to fully acclimate into daylight saving time when our circadian rhythm shifts. Circadian rhythms are the physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. This change can be serious when combined with “social jet lag” - the demands from common social activities, like work or personal obligations and events, which take priority over a full night’s sleep. Social jet lag has been linked to higher risks of health hazards like obesity, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

Adjusting to a new rhythm

It is normal for the effects of daylight saving time to subside after a few weeks, but in the meantime, there are ways to help workers adjust to the change.

Start or maintain a consistent routine. Set a regular bed-and-wake time, even when you’re not working.

Practice good sleep hygiene. This involves ways to better your sleep, like not consuming alcohol, or eating a heavy dinner or snack before bedtime. Also, avoid using your phone or blue light producing electronics at least one hour before bed.

Take it outside. Outdoor time helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm, plus exposure to sunlight provides a natural boost of energy. Consider taking lunch walks or walking meetings if possible. Not only will the sunlight help, but activating the body can invigorate the mind.

Practice increased situational awareness. When adjusting our circadian rhythm, we may experience fatigue, grogginess and reduced vigilance. To reduce workplace risks, always keep your eye on your work environment and task at hand so you can proactively identify and address any hazards which may cause you harm.

Give me a break. To manage any fatigue brought on by sleep disturbances while you adjust to daylight saving time. Make sure you are getting the breaks and sleep they need so they can remain alert and safe at work and create room for time of rest on your personal time off.

Stay safe, and have a Happy Spring!


Professional Development    

Did you know HHF  offers support for employees pursuing professional development opportunities that will enhance their job performance capabilities and improve their opportunities for advancement within the organization?  This may include continued education, seminars, conferences and/or professional designations. 

 Annually, HHF plans and allots budgetary money staff to attend and/or receive professional development.  In addition, HHF reserves limited budgetary funds for employee professional development requests made outside of the annual planning cycle.  This means that employees who have expressed their interest in learning new skills relevant to HHF and have demonstrated positive behaviours relevant towards a position in which education may support growth can apply to receive professional development support defined within the program.

There is only limited funding available, so HHF review each request to ensure the professional development is relevant to work we do, and/or relevant for the future growth of the employee ensuring we are approving these requests in a fair and equitable manner free from discrimination.  Employees must not make and commitments for professional development until it has been approved and may be required to sign a professional development agreement.

“Professional development” could include one or a combination of any of the following, continued education courses, programs, diplomas, degrees, masters and/or doctoral, conferences, seminars, and/or professional designations/memberships.  Professional development is in addition to mandatory, regulatory and/or prescribed training requirements as defined within HHF’s training matrix. 

Employees are responsible for:

  1. Informing their manager or supervisor of their desire for professional development related for their position or future positions
  2. Must demonstrate positive performance behaviours that demonstrate HHF competencies
  3. If approved, attending, and completing the approved professional development opportunity
  4. Meeting the service requirements set forth in the professional development agreement


New Faces in Head Office    

We would like to provide a warm welcome to some new faces who have joined the Head Office Team. Both these individuals you will likely see out at our various sites supporting your teams.

Sydney Tancowny - HSE Administrator

Sydney has joined the Corporate Services team as the HSE Administrator, supporting Amanda Lasuta with the Health and Safety Program. Sydney has been a member of the Housekeeping team at Clover Bar Lodge for the last few months and brings with her a background in HSE and a passion to support and grow the HSE program. We are excited to provide an internal employee with the opportunity to move into a new and exciting role that aligns with their education, professional background, and passions. Please introduce yourself to Sydney if you see her around your site.

Jessie Bone - Maintenance Administrative Assistant

Jessie has joined the Facility Management team as the Maintenance Administrative Assistant, supporting Rob Waite and Jon Nieradka with all things facility management and maintenance. Jessie has extensive administrative experience and a background in maintenance. She will be an asset to the Facilities team, as well as HHF as a whole. Please introduce yourself to Jessie if you see her around your site.