November 2023: Recognition and Reward Program Winners, Bill 2 and Alberta's Pension Plan, Influenza Information, and Winter Safety Tips

Posted on Nov 15, 2023

October's Employee Rewards and Recognition Program Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the October's Employee Rewards and Recognition Program.

Dr. Turner Lodge - Nominee: Judy Gendre

Clover Bar Lodge - Nominee: Colleen Magee

Silver Birch Place - Nominee: Pamela McTavish

Coordinated Services - Nominee: Krystyna Sadurski

These people do extraordinary things each and every day. All it took was a special person to recognize that work and enter a ballot into a draw. The feedback and entries that we received in October told some remarkable stories. We can't wait to see the entries for November! Nominate your co-worker today!


Information on Bill 2 & an Alberta Pension Plan 

On November 2, 2023, the Alberta Government introduced Bill 2, entitled Alberta Pension Protection Act. If passed, Bill 2 will give Albertans four guarantees to protect the pensions they built up during their working careers under the CPP. The legislation would guarantee:

Albertans must vote in favour of an Alberta Pension Plan (APP) during a public referendum before the government withdraws assets from the Canada Pension Plan to establish an APP

Contribution rates under an APP would be the same or lower than the rates for the CPP

An APP must provide the same or better benefits to Albertans

The entire asset transferred from the CPP to Alberta would be used solely to set up and operate an APP

For more information on the APP you can visit 


Influenza Prevention

With so many things happening daily like work, getting kids to extra-curricular activities, planning for the holidays, and taking care of parents, it's also important to take care of yourself. We make it a priority to prepare our house and vehicles for the winter months but more importantly, we also need to take time to protect ourselves and our families from influenza – more commonly referred to as the flu.

Attached you will find some key information on the flu as well as information from Alberta Health Services on the flu vaccine.

Additional resources can be found at

Videos on influenza:

The 2022/23 Influenza Immunization Program is now on. Individuals can book their immunizations online, as well as walk-ins at many pharmacies or at their physician’s office. 


Winter Safety

Winter is upon us with its slippery conditions! Here's some quick tips to keep you on your feet:

  • Wear winter-appropriate footwear or traction aids. Avoid heels.
  • Check pathways for icy patches and avoid them or tread slowly and carefully.
  • Find the nearest cleared pathways to minimize walking on parking lots.
  • Be extra careful when walking after the ice has thawed and then frozen again, this creates black ice that is harder to see and is especially slippery.

For more winter walking tips, check out Alberta Health Services resources for tips on how to do the infamous Penguin Walk.