June 2022 Update - Eligibility, Pet Policy & More

Posted on Jun 21, 2022

June Update 

Here are some important updates for June 2022: 

  • Construction is slightly behind schedule, so we anticipate opening the building in early 2023 
  • Applications are not yet available, but we anticipate opening applications in the fall. The application information will be mailed to this list as soon as it becomes available. 

Looking ahead to the fall when applications are available, here is some important information about eligibility, our pet policy, and how to prepare for the application process. 


Eligibility for housing at Muriel Ross Abdurahman Court is based on an income threshold. Household income will be verified at the time of application and annual verifications will also be required to ensure ongoing household eligibility. 

  • An applicant’s total annual household income must be under the amounts below: 
  • Bachelor: $36,000/yr.  
  • 1-Bedroom: $42,000/yr.  
  • 2-Bedroom: $52,500/yr.  
  • 3-Bedroom: $62,500/yr.  
  •  Applications will not be priority scored, meaning that there will be no priority given for applicants with the lowest incomes. 

Aside from the income requirements, any applicant or household member who appears on Alberta’s dangerous offender registry is disqualified from housing with Heartland Housing Foundation. 

Pet Policy 

Heartland Housing Foundation’s pet policy will be in place for Muriel Ross Abdurahman Court. Licensed service dogs are exempt from the requirements of this policy.

  • One pet or cage/aquarium per household.  
  • A monthly fee will apply.  
  • Pets applicable under this policy include: 
    • 1 small dog (less than 16 kg., up to 40 cm at shoulder),  
    • 1 cat, 
    • up to 2 aquarium dwelling animals. Limited to fish, salamanders, newts, turtles, toads, and lizards. No snakes or arachnids.  
    • or up to 2 caged rodents, lizards, newts, or small birds (no macaws or parrots)  
    • No pets which require live food.

If you are applying to house a dog or a cat, they must be up to date on vaccinations, be spayed or neutered, and licensed with the city/county.  

  • Documentation of up-to-date vaccination status, spay/neuter, and valid license will be required for approval. 

Preparing for an Application 

Households who are interested in applying for housing with Heartland Housing Foundation are required to provide 12 months of income statements for all sources of household income for any household member 15 years of age and older. 

Income includes all sources of income, like wages, benefits, self-employment income, AISH, student loans, refugee resettlement assistance, foreign income, family support, and pensions. A complete list of eligible sources of income will be made available with the application package. 

Households who are interested in applying for housing with Heartland housing Foundation are strongly encouraged to begin collecting their household’s income information in advance of applying. 

Thank you for your interest in this new Heartland Housing Foundation community – we are looking forward to sharing more updates in the coming months.

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