Our History

The Heartland Housing Foundation Story

Heartland Housing Foundation was formed in 2013 as an amalgamation of housing management bodies in the Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan communities. At that time, the focus on the organization was to manage existing seniors housing options like self-contained apartments and affordable apartments for seniors, as well as Clover Bar Lodge, Dr. Turner Lodge, and Silver Birch Lodge.

As the needs of our community have changed, so has the mandate of Heartland Housing Foundation. We added a family affordable apartment building to our portfolio in 2013, and the demand for those apartments is higher now than ever. By 2022, we will add 83 units of family affordable housing in Fort Saskatchewan - the first purpose-built affordable apartment building for families in that city - and an additional 69 units of seniors lodge accommodations in Strathcona County.

The demand for safe, comfortable, affordable housing in our community continues to grow, and Heartland Housing Foundation is working with advocacy groups, developers, and all levels of government to see more options for families and seniors become available.

In 2020, the organization developed a new strategic plan to better align with how we work to improve our community. As leaders in innovative affordable housing, our mission is to support vibrant communities through affordable housing solutions. Through challenging ourselves to work in the most innovative and sustainable ways with our partners, we will strive to meet the needs of the community we serve.